Monday, April 30, 2012

Movie Date

Yesterday Terry and I headed to the "Studio Movie Grill" at the Highlands in Arlington, Texas. We were both rewarding ourselves with a "movie date".

There were only a couple of movies on that we wanted to see and decided to take a chance on seeing "Cabin in the Wood". I had read the reviews and the movie had 4 stars. It was also supposed to be spooky. Terry and I love spooky movies.

We also had Groupon passes for the movie so it was going to be a cheap date afternoon out.

After around 30 minutes in the movie we were just about ready to walk out. This was one of the dumbest movies we've seen in a long time. It wasn't even a good "slasher" movie. We were so glad we didn't pay full price to get into the flick.

Terry and I did of course have a good time just getting out and spending time together. Our special dates are precious time to both of us.

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